Fire & Ice

My soul seeks asylum, my mind clarity.

Before this great big temple of ice.

In its presence eye am shown

My past, present and future.

Eye am shown, the beauty, the divine, the inevitability of dwindle and decay.

That nothing gold can stay.

The glaciers recede, pouring themselves back into the body of the earth.

The mouth of the sea carries too much to swallow.

There are paths blocked, redirected.

There is life, there is death, there is life again.

The blue in me rises and falls, great big swells.

Rising and falling like the lines of a lover’s body.

Bathed in starlight, quiet vibrations beneath soft spoken fingertips.

In a field of blue, a flowering sea.

Everything flows back to me.

Layers of ice, the bones of the mountain.

Are weary and brittle.

Diamonds breaking off into the languid lagoon.

Dissolving into crystalline purity.

Mixing and mingling salinity.

The geometric progression of climate change.

Something beautiful vanishing before our eyes.

And for the moment, it has broken down and taken another beautiful form.

But how beautiful will it be once it disappears completely?

– T

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