Let it snow

This is our first winter in our beautiful home state Colorado. Rather than traveling somewhere warm or abroad, we dedicated this winter to learning and playing in the snow. The vibe of a ski mountain town is so relaxed and we’re so grateful for this experience. Stepping out into the frosted air each morning makes us giddy and excited for each day.

There are no words that can describe the enchantment of fresh fallen snow, the contrast of the trees peeking through the soft blanket of white. Even in this winter dormancy, the forest is alive in another sense. Despite the clouds of snow that hover in the horizon, the sun always seems to crest up and over the mountains carrying blue skies, warmth and bliss. It’s hard to feel the winter blues when surrounded by such endless beautiful terrain.

The beauty of frost and ice never fail to enlighten me. The way water freezes mid drip creating magical formations, icicles enriching and adorning rooftops and cliff edges. The frosted layer blanketing the river, the pockets of air beneath the ice, crackling the surface creating an array of delicate lines intertwining. The deep hues of blue, swirling different shades, coming alive with the suns glow.

There is nothing more majestic than seeing water freeze and expand. What was once a beautiful waterfall pouring itself over a cliff edge is now a staggering expansion of ice stalactites, dripping and towering down the rock face. Each piece of dripping ice gripping onto the next, a transformation from fluidity to solidity.

There is magic and transformation with every season.

Rather than becoming dormant this winter, we too are alive in another sense.

We are transforming through growth and experience into another form of self.

So I say, let it snow, let it snow.

Bring on the winter ❄️ -T

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