Hi Quick Update

Hi all, we know we have been AWOL for a little while, but we have been super busy making our dreams come true. Greg and I are blessed to have the opportunity to be building our very own log home this upcoming year. It’s going to be a lot of time consuming hard work for both of us, but we are excited to begin this new journey of planting roots together.

We’re super aware and present in all of the political unrest that is occurring in our country and we just want to say today is such an emotional and historical day for both of us as well as for many Americans across the states. I hope today is the start of something new and the start of a collective healing. We are both so hopeful for the future with this news and proud to say we used our voices to make a change this election.

We will definitely be posting about our home building progress as we get started, but in the meantime we hope everyone out there is staying sane and hopeful for a brighter future.

Much love,

Tyema & Greg