Little update

It’s been a year of transformation and boundless love. A year of tremendous self growth and as always letting go of that which no longer aligns. We have been working hard for weeks slowly but steadily ensuring that our dreams come true. Our hearts are full and we are so grateful for the beautiful community we have become a part of. Our spirits are uplifted and our minds are expanding throughout the endless creative endeavors we seek to explore/fill our time with.

This journey of building a home and planting roots has been the most exciting yet, and the journey has only just begun.

We’ve been so busy living in the moment and enjoying all of the progress but soon we will post about all of the work we have done and all the love we have put into the foundation of building our home. Stay tuned, in the meanwhile enjoy some recent photos from Utah, our home away from home.

Also some photos from Greg’s hip hop show, featuring his band Free Fall.

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