North Cascades

Early Winter Spires and Liberty Bell Mountain in North Cascades National Park

Colonial Peak towered above us as we gazed through the reflecting emerald waters of Diablo Lake. The forest leading up to the jagged ridge lines dark green and full of life, vibrant against a backdrop of glacier ice. An endless roar of the Colonial Creek stole any arbitrary words from being spoken. Tuning into this silent landscape overwhelms the senses. Taste the crisp, refreshing air. Feel the gentle breeze and a powerful, blazing sun. Hear the birds, the rustling of leaves, the thousands of waterfalls in every direction. Nature’s sensorial orchestra awakens with the Spring.

The bears awaken from a sleepy winter slumber. As the snow retreats off the lower hills the forests reverberate new life. A time of joy, a time of rebirth and incredible growth. We swing on hammocks under a dripping moss canopy contemplating the growth of ourselves in this enchanted wilderness. Taking a pause to let old selves go. Taking a moment to come back to our interpreted reality : here in the woods is where we belong. For four days our home stays parked here as we bask in the beauty; we breath deep from the towering Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir. Taking time to enjoy the simplicity of the moment : writing, reading, painting, cooking, listening to the sounds of Nature.

As the ice and snow continue to melt under the heat of the sun scorched day, the once frozen lakes emerge pristine. The creeks become rivers, flowing, flowing endlessly. I aspire to be like these waters. On a constant inner quest to flow with all of life. To never lie stagnant or let my mind trickle in thought. To be on a journey that takes Tyema and I wherever the next valley leads. Staring down at the bone chilling waters while lazing on a pebble stone riverside I find my peace once again. As all things in life change from moment to moment, here in this, I found again what I have been striving for.

At night all stands still. The licking flames of the campfire illuminate a a soft glow around the perimeter of our present home. We share our stories with one another, our hopes and desires of tomorrow, the magnificence of the moment. Truly at peace with ourselves and our place in the world.

Our bodies of the Earth, apart of the whole, encompassing everything. We are an extension of all other beings, animate and inanimate. All here for the same thing : to breathe, to live, to regenerate.

Through the endless sea of wavering branches we see the cosmos burning bright above us. In each passing hour multiplying upon themselves, exponential luminescence. Overlooking Diablo we were engulfed in a panoramic view of night sky. Shooting stars dropping over Colonial Peak while we stare up in awe.

The magic of Nature is incredibly powerful. Everywhere we look we see something new and unique that the Earth unveils. From mountains to rivers, oceans to caves, this world takes our breath away each and every day.

Where are some of your favorite places in Nature to be? Share with us your thoughts, feelings, and unique experiences in the wilderness in the comments below.

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