Home Sweet Colorado

Five years ago, we shared our first adventure together, visiting the first of what would become many national parks on our journey.

Our hearts were entwined in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we were elevated, our spirits lifted some 13,000ft above sea level. We were speechless, breathless, enchanted by the beauty. We were not expecting, nor clawing or scratching for more. We were simply the moment. We were each our own and not yet free from the bondage of time, circumstance, fear and self doubt.

These binds that caused an upshift, drifting us in different directions, across state lines & eventually an ocean away.

Two restless souls seeking solace apart. Searching for peace of mind to mend tormented hearts. Yet my soul kept wandering back to you and even when I found self peace, the restlessness wouldn’t cease.

So I took the words I had been holding onto from that moment back in the Rockies & decided to release.

To vocalize my intentions from dreams to realities.

To let you know I couldn’t go another day without you.

And through this release, I truly found peace

When your words drifted back, reciprocity

The distance of the ocean didn’t matter any longer

We were entwined once more with a bond much stronger

& here we are

Here we are

Here we are

We are simply the moment.

We are each our own, together.

We have outgrown the binds that once held us apart.

We have found peace of mind, mending & blending our hearts.

We are constantly in flight, restless souls, seeking ever changing landscapes.

The wilderness beckons, the world beckons. There is so much to see, experience & feel. Our hearts are wide open.

Colorado will always be home.  -T

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