Craters Of The Moon

Shadowy openings lure us in.

A world beneath.

Caves are the veins of the earth.

Living, breathing interior.

We enter the cave, not to seek the light at the end.

But to seek the light within.

We enter the cave to feel the pulse of the earth.

Its rhythmic beat vibrating beneath our boots.

The flutter of soft wings,

Echoing through the silence.

The soft trickle of water, seeping through rock.

Piles of boulders the size of houses.

Remind us, ego does not exist here

In the cavernous dark

We become many hearts.

Beating repetitiously off the rocky


We become the living, breathing interior.

The pulse of the earth. -T

We crawl into the depths of the Earth, exploring the fragility with enthusiastic intent. Our hearts and minds open to an environment unsuitable and uninhabitable for man. To step in and observe only. Mindful touches, premeditated movements. The chill etched deep into our bones as icicles slowly drip from ceiling to floor like constantly morphing stalactites.

The surface buckles upon itself like a groaning, aching elder. Meandering through an ancient graveyard that never knows true rest. We find ourselves in a constant state of awe as observers. Life, death, rebirth of all matter.

“…A touch can make, a touch can mar.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Kéramos

We walk the sheer banks of Calderas, porous lava rock crumbling beneath our feet. Stepping back and forth through time we see the magnitude and beauty of our Earth. Its power, its destruction, its incredible duality.

Life clings to everything. Making root through cooled lava spewed terrain. Vibrant and mesmerizing. A violent past endlessly changing through the years. Whole ecosystems destroyed and rebuilt. The breath of Mother Nature touches all animate and inanimate matter. Our world is full of wonder.

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