Rays of Light. Sedona, AZ

I’ve watched the sun come up a thousand times.

I’ve watched the busy birds inspire morning into existence

With the sheer flutter of wings in flight.

I’ve been enamored by golden hour for as long as I can remember.

Holding the sun to my chest like a long lost lover.

I’ve been dying to embrace for some time.

I’ve watched the clouds turn to wisps.

Changing from shadow into hot pink paint strokes.

Into a reflection of vermillion from the red rocks.

I’ve seen the rising of specks in the distance.

Hot air balloons decorating the Sky with vibrant yellows & oranges.

I’ve heard the soft yawn the Sun makes as she rises.

& the lengthy chatter of birds socializing in the branches.

I’ve heard the deep rumble of engines & the whooshing of pavement.

I’ve listened to the quick fast paced rhythm of muscles moving in the morning.

I’ve heard the slow rhythmic thumping of the world coming back to life.

In between,

I’ve listened to the soft flutter of my own heart thrumming

Like a busy bird

Inspiring me into existence.

Our tradition of leaving the country this year did not happen. Instead we decided to celebrate love in our favorite four corner region. Arizona sunsets & sunrises are some of the most magical we have ever seen, what better place to getaway from the world for a while.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your experience, take a moment to enjoy this healing that exists for free each and every day. The splendor of a sunrise or sunset.

In the meanwhile, here are some more photos from our trip.

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