Back in the Sawtooths

And here we are again, lost in the enchanted dreamscape of the Sawtooth Wilderness. Tyema, Artemis and I slowly crept over (Ketchum pass) and found ourselves once again stunned by the sheer magnitude of this grand oasis. Craggy, snow packed peaks adorn the ominous landscape as thick, swirling clouds stirred above. Summer still no where in sight, forced out by the mountains’ own climate. We find ourselves bundling back up, layers covering our previously sun scorched skin from our time back home in Colorado.

We seek out Sunbeam, spending these days soaking our bones in nature’s bathtubs, waiting for the moment the sun will peak its head out of an endless gray abyss. Rain and snow, snow and rain for ten days straight. Small pockets of blue sky mock our innate desire to lay in fields of wildflowers, only to retreat as soon as we eagerly emerge from the bus. But the weather doesn’t get us down, no we find our contentment amongst ourselves. Lazily lingering in the bus, cooking our hearts out, sharing stories, reading, writing, making art and making love.

Our hearts and minds open to a new and extraordinary adventure, we see the world in a whole different light. Taking time to reflect over these solemn months allowed us to truly shape our perspective; to realize our potential and let it unfold. With Artemis we are more free than ever before. Our home chugs along with us, providing safety, comfort, and happiness while we indulge in the great outdoors.

We are in a magical environment that exemplifies our spirit. So many mountains, so much water, so many hot springs. It tantalizes us. Whether alone or amongst friends we are at peace with ourselves and the world around us. Life has a funny way of mixing chaos into every conceived plan. Usually however, if you embrace the chaos, even more wonderful things emerge. There is nothing that we need to do, and nowhere we have to be, and in this instant we are infinite. Free to be ourselves and enjoy the elements of nature we so desperately crave.

Every new day is a gift that we unwrap with the upmost joy. We try to live each moment as we truly wish; getting back to the human in us. It feels so natural for us to be removed from the anxiety of the world around us. So much negativity and insanity has consumed our world; so much so that many thrive on it and don’t know what to do with themselves in a peaceful moment. Jumping from one catastrophe to the next just to feel something. Anything. We refuse to let our spirits wither; no we chose to grow, learn, see, explore and be our best selves, together.

All I want right now is the now. This moment. This enchanting feeling of incredible magnitude. I want to share it with you; I want you to be apart of it too. Come find us and explore with us. Come see the endless beauty this world has to offer. Go talk to a stranger and actually listen to what they have to say. Go climb a mountain or jump into an icy cold river or lake. Be alive! At the end of the day, this is all we have. Join the living and find your happiness.

See ya later Stanley!

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