Ride The Snake

We have entered the matrix of the winding and wonderful desert plateau, sun baked and full of energy, one with the earth and one with each other. We are sun kissed and scorched as we cross over, through the doors of perception.

This road we have traveled time and time again, experiencing only a fraction of what this wilderness has to offer. This time we choose to remove ourselves from the limitations of asphalt and yellow lines, into the dirt. Into the vast and endless expanse of nothingness and everything-ness.

What to the common traveler appears as a lifeless dry landscape, appears to us as an animated enchanting dreamscape. Greenery lines the edges of the washes, twisting junipers and blooming cactus. The songs of birds echo off the canyon walls, a harmonious symphony. The rocks themselves come to life, morphing into shapes and carrying the imagination.

The clouds speak in layers, coming and going, coming and going. Interweaving and overlapping, contracting and expanding. The wind sighs heavily and exhales softly, a balm from the heat.

We are here. We are here. WE ARE HERE.

We are alive.

The wheels hit the dirt, the engine vibrates beneath us, propelling us into the mystic abyss. This is the gateway. We are thrust into the unknown.

Tunnel vision keeps our eyes straight ahead, we do not look back from where we came. Our sights only set on where we are going, the endless potential and universal power we have yet to experience. We ride the snake, through steep varnished canyons, up ancient, craggy cliff edges. We find ourselves continually mesmerized by the ever changing landscape. Our eyes, hearts and minds stolen from us. Nature demands our indefinite attention.

What begins as a light groaning transcending into a sound almost animalistic, a crescendo, a deep, guttural moan. Switching fast into 3rd gear we hear the delicate roar, the quickened pace develops under our feet as we fade off into the distant desert backdrop.

Defying gravity, our mortal spirits in sheer ecstasy. Reaching lands our mere feet couldn’t bear to drag us in this harsh terrain. We time travel back in history to the time of the ancients that cherished this land before us. To the time of the men that took and took and took from the earth. Leaving remnants of their indifference and their lack of conservation for the land.

We live our lives constantly in search of freedom, our hearts open to the beauty of this human experience. The world keeps turning and we continue to make our way around the sun.

Here’s to another year of fearless living and loving. Ps. Happy 26th Tyema. 💙

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