Love. Happy first anniversary.

-5 years ago I met a guy in a shop.

He was a whirlwind & I was captivated instantly.

We connected, we danced, we were laughter

Then his winds carried him away.

& gravity pulled me to follow.

& we found ourselves in the mountains.

In love & afraid.

So afraid the winds pushed us apart again.

So we drifted for some time.

Far, but never out of reach.

Until the separation was unbearable

& the fear was not enough, so we decided to release it.

Letting love flow like rivers, carrying us back into each other’s arms.

Letting it carry us to many beautiful places.

Letting it carry us to this moment, here. Now.-

We are conditioned by a society weighted with apathy. Bound by things that do not exist, sociopolitical concepts that keep our collective in a state of inertia. We are ruled by technology, only capable of communicating through screens, from social media, to dating apps. We are drifting away from the things that make us human. Our emotional vulnerability, our capacity to love, our abilities to connect, our creative authenticity.

People are afraid to be emotionally vulnerable. People are afraid of love, the only reality that gives meaning to life. Perhaps people fear love so much because they don’t fully understand it. Love has so many different meanings to many different people. There is no one definition for love. Yet it is a feeling that is prescient in each and every one of us. Love comes in many stages, staggering intensities.

To me, love is not something we can contain or possess. Love is like water, it is shapeless. It flows freely from one place to the next and its headwaters are endless. We each have the capacity to tap into this unlimited energy, to share love with whomever we choose. I love the word share over give, because love is not something we give away and lose from ourselves. Love is something we share, it remains apart of us through the process of sharing. Love is like knowledge, we don’t lose it from sharing it with others. It shapes who we are & who we touch, becoming, with us.

I used to be on this journey of self and through much trial and error, I still felt something missing. I feel that this journey of life is bigger than me. It’s so much bigger than just knowing myself. To me, love gives meaning to self, to life. So I decided to go on a journey of love. And it is only just beginning.

Planting this seed of an idea into my mind, body & soul has already shifted my perspective in so many ways. I used to shy away from my hyper-empathy but now I allow myself to feel everything so much deeper. I allow myself to feel connected to every and all life forms that I encounter. I ask the questions, about humans & non-humans, “what are they thinking? What are they feeling? What is it like to be them?” My focus is shifted to being mindful, not just of my self, but all sentient beings and nature. My focus is shifted to endless and unconditional love.

This shift is so beautiful because not only has it shifted me, but it has shifted Greg and the love we share together. Our souls have always been like mirrors and the magical thing is, when one of us has an idea, the other already feels it. Together we reflect our deepest desires and dreams, but also our fears and the parts of ourselves we try to keep hidden. Together we enhance our spiritual development, challenging one another to be our highest self in love.

The love we share shapes and moves us both sub-consciously and consciously. Together we are here to change the way relationships are viewed on this earth. To break down old social habits & belief systems. The love we share together can not be contained between the two of us. It is endless and we intend to share it with the world. Love, unconditional is how we restore our planet to peace, balance and harmony with nature. -T

Love is the most expansive feeling of our universe. It has no walls, no borders, no chains. It transcends religion, politics, geographical orientation, anything and everything you can imagine. Love is the infinite bond that connects all matter, animate and inanimate, together as one. Love is constant change in our cosmic brains.

The only thing love needs is growth. Without growth it withers in stagnation. It does not plead nor expect growth, it simply innately yearns for it. Seeking shelter in the most intimate way while also breaking down all doors of stability, reason and practicality. 

We all have an idea of what love is when we first feel its gnawing hunger pangs and satiated first taste; its tenderness and warmth. But we never truly know love until we acknowledge and accept all of it. When we remove the notion of what we’ve been taught about love and open our eyes and hearts we become aware of emotions and feelings far more powerful than we ever knew possible. When you can feel weightless and grounded, free yet connected, one and many, than you can finally begin to understand what love is. 

With you I find myself over and over again. The way we both grow together is infinitely beautiful. Pushing each other a little more each step of the way toward love. I believe in us and therefore I hold the most enchanting, elating feeling of our existence : hope in love. I believe in the spirit of our connection. You challenge me in every way to be a better man, lover, friend, listener, speaker, adventurer, artist, and creator. At this moment I am astounded to see where I am in my life and how we stand together as one and as many.  I truly feel that this last year has been the most intensely beautiful part of my life and I wouldn’t be where I am without you. 

Whatever we may face I know that we can do it together. I know we will do it with passion. We bring out the best in each other. We have, we do, and we shall forever. I know it. It is written in the universe. Our chemical and physical bond is something volatile if separated. It doesn’t seem possible or reasonable. Like splitting the atom. 

I still get butterflies in the pit of my stomach when I think about our love. I become filled with an overwhelming sense of joy that engulfs me entirely. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met. Everyday in your presence is an absolute pleasure and gift. All I want in this world is for this to be. To continue to grow. To continue to astound me. 

A love like ours needs to be shared with the world. Anything is possible when hearts open up and let go of trivial pursuits of happiness. We create our own world everyday by allowing each other to be who we truly are and accept ourselves entirely without burden, worry, embarrassment or shame. The world is at our fingertips and our hearts are open and full on our sleeves. 

I love you Tyema, from now until infinity. -G

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