Break Away For A Day

Some days we have to get away from being away. Put our anxious thoughts behind us as we cruise out of sight and let the miles unravel, racking up the odometer. As the distance increases our minds revert to inner peace. It’s just the way we are wired together: infinite adventure, infinitely craving the raw, new feel of everything around us.

We broke away from the solitude to embrace another 300 miles away on our days off. Spend some time reflecting in the reflective waters of Jenny Lake, String and Leigh. Staring in awe at the monumental backdrop of the Grand Tetons. We woke before the sun and sipped our tea while watching steam rise off Oxbow Bend. Mt. Moran glazed in pink hues, pale and serene. The Snake still like glass; the steam made it look like a series of old frosted single pane windows on a turn of the century farm house, opaque but soothingly charming. Geese gliding across the chill of the morning, pausing on the water in front of us. The day began to unfold before us as the mountains slowly turned from pink to blue.

Everywhere we go mountains bring us peace. Their towering presence reminds us of our fragility and smallness to the world and universe. A way to sit back and meditate on the things in life that really matter. To let go of minor stresses and irrelevant, toxic thoughts that from time to time cloud our clarity. When you see a view like this, how could you not feel the Earth beneath your feet?

All memories, thoughts and actions become a reflection of self like this lake and mountain scene. We see ourselves in this moment ready for a new adventure. Looking into our souls and finding the root of our passion, extracting it and holding onto it with upmost earnest. A mirror image. No distortions or facades; we are what we choose and wish to be. In this moment so incredibly in tune with ourselves and each other.

A time of contemplation and understanding our constant growth. Seeing how much we have changed over the last five years, seeing the changes even in the last few months. It is all so incredibly beautiful that no matter where we go, when we return, we are never the same people. Always on a different path, always seeing a new perspective of the world. Hand in hand we walk through this life with love in our hearts, fueled by infinite passion.

A new adventure awaits in just a few weeks time. Soon our solitude will be overrun with countless flights, rental cars, and abundant sights to behold. Anxious yet still soaking up this breathtaking scenery before a new chapter emerges. The world is our home and it always has been. ♥️

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