Adventure Awaits

Adventure awaits in the Sawtooth Wilderness. From the towering, craggy peaks blanketed with thick layers of snow and ice, to the swift whitewater of the River Of No Return, an abundance of excitement is an understatement. The naturist spirit cannot be undersold here; it beckons and bleeds with brave enthusiasm.

Not even a month has gone by and nothing has yet to be short lived. In the first few moments upon arrival we were already out on Redfish Lake, basking in the sun while lazily idling on a golden sand shore.

The lapping, crystal clear water cradled our minds in soothing delight. Not able to sit still for long the tube was pumped up and out I paddled onto the water to embrace my first ice cold dip of the season in the Sawtooth.

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Tyema sat on the shore, lost in the orbit of her mind while painting the majestic backdrop of Mount Heyburn. At peace with the world around us. The beauty swallowing our souls. An incredible glow engulfed us in the wake of our first afternoon, knowing that we are exactly where we want to be.

In the days to come we livened up our experience. Feeling the rush of Whitewater dousing us while surrendering to the will of Nature’s endless great flow. Paddling along with the current, striving for the perfect swells. A team of enthusiastic, passionate individuals seeking out the thrill of the outdoors. From Sunbeam we paddled a nine mile stretch of the Salmon River, feeling the force of class three rapids.

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The frigid water woke us, icing our veins; our hearts pumping with adrenaline. The neoprene wetsuits were an absolute must, without them I wouldn’t have done this..

Fighting with friends. Splashing ice cold water into each others raft. The day was filled with smiles.

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One adventure to the next we continue to embrace the vastness of Nature. A few days after whitewater rafting we had the opportunity to learn more about rock climbing with a local guide in the area. After about an hour of safety training and understanding the procedures, we started to climb the walls. The first two pitches were way to easy, but the last one really did me in. A forty foot vertical wall that could only be climbed by crack climbing.

Many times “testing” the rope by inadvertently falling from a hard to reach crack, feet slipping on smooth granite. At last, with all my power, finally able to slap the carabiner with intense victory. The most fun : repelling back down the wall with incredible ease.

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Evenings spent riding employee bikes around the 900 acre ranch. Following William’s Creek and watching the herds of Pronghorn lazily graze from a distance while zooming down zig-zag bike paths.

Wherever we go, we are constantly living it up, one adventure at a time. Seeking the beauty of Nature, whether relaxing or on a rigorous quest. When the late night approaches, all stands still in the Sawtooths. No light pollution for as far as the eye can see. Rewarded on those special nights when we sleepily gaze up at the spectacle of our open sky. The Milky Way stretches far and broad. Oh how this Earth delights us at every turn!

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