Beauty And The Beast

Those who travel go for adventure, the allure of something new, different; a change of pace from the ordinary. We seek out the beauty of nature and the raw cultural shift from place to place. Always on an inner quest of love and light. To experience and be apart of something foreign for a lapse of time. Many however, overlook and undermine a mirror image face of reality when coagulated by a self serving sanctum. Refusing to look at refuse. Turning away from the endless true nature of the ordinary man in the industrial era.

So many travelers seek out the fame of an attraction. Searching for the most instagramable, picturesque locations to showcase a false face of kindred spirit. All-the-while just outside the frame of the camera lens lies the truth behind the scene. Walking past as if it doesn’t exist, or isn’t theirs to contemplate. We cannot show our sincere perspective without fully showing the scope of our perimeter any longer, for the Earth is home to us all, and we all are responsible for our home.

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This post isn’t meant to harp on any one place. It is for all places on our planet that share similar unfortunate scenes. Our short trip to the Yucatan Peninsula was remarkably beautiful, yet in another perspective was intolerably horrific. Our breath of fresh air was felt in the many protected cenotes, the ancient ruins and the abundant jungle. What choked and tormented our souls were the beaches, the roads, towns, parks, and residential communities along the Riveria Maya.

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Trash so ingrained in the beaches that plastic flakes meshed between particles of sand. Micro plastics. Beer bottles, caps, straws, combs, sandals, toothbrushes, cigarette butts, glass….. So much so that we couldn’t avoid looking. It stared at us; a sinister regurgitation of our volatile society. Spewed out on every orifice of land that met the eye… but of course the upscale resorts in between trash infested beaches held up a pretentious facade with intensive beach combing in the early morning hours. Pretending that just one meter past the gated entrances weren’t heavily laced with years of man’s negligence.

Those without, stand in a sea of infestation. The trash lines the beaches while the Sargassum steadily flows into the gulf at an alarming rate. Another wave of injustice man serves upon nature. An endless, thick layer of dead sea grass swirling through Oceanic currents, washing up on shores that haven’t seen it before. The result of man in nature. Green house gases rising, changing weather patterns across our planet. Our influence is unwaveringly noticeable. Those who pretend otherwise are intolerant to change. Holding steadfast onto a lifestyle that was never intended for Earth to sustain.

As much beauty we have seen in the Yucatan Peninsula on this short trip, or on any excursion across the globe for that matter, I, [Greg] have seen a tremendous change of perspective. Not jaded, just ever more aware of the pressing issues that continue to develop throughout the world. A new quest while traveling anywhere is a constant renewed sense of clarity of the effects of man in nature and trying to find a way to restore balance anywhere we can.

Think about where you live. Does trash or human generated waste litter your streets, parks, or residence? Take notice of your surroundings. We are all apart of it all. A river, stream or lake may feed through your area, please remember that it isn’t isolated; water and all things run out to our seas. We only have one planet and it is up to us to maintain a healthy balance.

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