Souls In Reflection

A sensuous, exotic dance thrust across every corner of the star stained sky. Silent whispers in the wind, inaudible, beckoning the brave. The cold slipped like a silk nightgown; enchanted eyes glistening upward. An electric night, we too charged and excited. Oxygen swirling above, green and red photons pouring down in a flood all around us. We stood at the edges of the Skorradalsvatn, the lapping water reflecting rays in immeasurable degrees. The shimmering lake snaking from the east, spilling out and over the dam crest, carving the landscape down into Borgarfjörður, and then into the Greenland Sea. The Aurora floating along its’ winding course as all things connect in every dimension.

And then we turn, for the light demands attention in lieu of peripheral vision; Skessuhorn stands illuminated against the backdrop of the Skarðsheiði mountain range, blanketed with soft green and dull, burnt orange pigments. A beacon of West Iceland, an alpine summit towering toward the sky, jagged and laden with snow. Everywhere we turn the Aurora delights and dazzles the eye. A full spectral display awaited the night as we were rewarded with not only the oxygen gasses from all associated altitudes, but also the closer range Nitrogen gasses shining blue and violet. An ionospheric rainbow.

In this moment, thinking back to late December I am overcome with explicit emotion. It engulfs me. Overwhelms me. Nature blessing us now as it did on that very night in Bodø, only now more penetrable, infinitely, cosmically soul-abounding. Standing here with my wife I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Never a moment too soon nor a moment too late. The universe weeping with joy for our love, showing us that we are apart of it in every regard. Our atoms excited, charged, bursting with radiant light. Inside our souls the aurora dances to the rhythm of our hearts.

With you I am enraptured. With you life is more beautiful and enriching; the colors of our love run through every orifice of the world and splatter the landscape unabashed. We are connected like root to tree, atoms to living cell. Inseparable, interconnected, beautiful bounds of light acting and reacting to the stimuli that surrounds our lives.

The arctic chill stood still in the cool jeweled night, silence encompassed as if the earth was stopped in motion. Our smiles lit up by the starry glow, eyes focused skyward. The tranquil melody of the lake before us enchanting the scene. Unabashed in all her splendor, Night unveiled herself. Disrobing her dark starry garments, revealing her body of light. To the beat of our hearts thumping in our ears, she began to dance. A deep vibrant green glowing, basking elegance and grace. As our hearts beat faster, her excitement grew, her pace quickened. Moving with such fluidity, the great cosmic breath of the universe. Her colors deepened from different variations of green to a deep violet. Stretching herself across the sky, surrounding us from all angles. The sky was pulsating color, illuminating light, stretching arms of radiance.

It was as if all of the negative feelings of the world were lifted up into her embrace, dissolved from existence. We were held in a moment of pure bliss, serene clarity. A laying on of hands, a soul exchange. Any thought of the past or future vanished as the light absorbed me into the moment. I fell into the chrysalis with eyes closed yet my mind wide open. Completely aware and accepting of my vulnerability beneath this great vast sky, encompassed by this endless terrain of fire and ice.

In the sub-zero temperature, I felt a warmth growing within me, a liveliness, a bursting of being. I fell in love all over again, with this earth, with this existence, with myself, with him. The stars twinkled in and out of my vision like fluttering fireflies as I slipped into a memory. The memory of Bodø, Norway where my dearest poured his soul, melting into the arctic night. Where we watched these lights dance, bundled in layers, enveloped in love and enchantment.

Some people will go their whole lives without ever witnessing the splendor of this night sky phenomena. Some people will go their whole lives without ever experiencing a great love. I am grateful to have witnessed them three times so far with my heart growing bigger each time. I am grateful for a love that surpasses anything I could have ever created in my own mind. Just like a sunset, no northern lights viewing is ever the same. We will continue to chase their beauty throughout our lives together and we will continue to be awed and inspired by their magnificence.

“With life as short as a half taken breath, don’t plant anything but love.” -Rumi

So what are you waiting for?

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