Mr. & Mrs. Greenawalt

All day long, getting myself ready I was calm and collected. The day couldn’t have started more beautifully, waking up with you by my side, enjoying a nice breakfast then parting ways with an “I love you.”

The moment before the first look, my heart was pounding through my chest as I made my way down the rocks, across the sand, toward you. The view of you standing there dressed in blue velvet turned away towards the water, the water shimmering, dancing in the sunlight, the mountains towering graciously watching over us. My hand was shaking as I reached out to touch you, afraid you were apart of a mirage. I had to remind myself to breathe, but the moment I looked into your eyes I felt nothing but pure elation. I felt life as I have never felt it before. I felt nature’s duality tugging at my heart strings, the most terrifyingly beautiful feeling. And when you kissed me, the world dropped dead. The wind stopped blowing, the water stopped crashing upon the shore. It was just you and I and the flickering silence of the scene as we were glowing and glowing, igniting each other within. As I held you and felt your warmth, all went calm again, I thought, “this is it.” And it was better than I could have ever possibly dreamed.

The morning dew slowly lifted as the brisk, calm morning gave way to the gusty, nervous fervor of the mid afternoon. My mind and body taking the shape of the ever changing weather. I was collected when I woke, contemplative and reserved. Now restlessly placing weight on either foot, standing anxiously at the edge of the lake. How much time had passed? Was she really coming, did she turn back? Was this all a dream? I wanted to turn around, to look longingly up the hill, scanning the tree line for peace of mind. Ten minutes felt like an eternity as the water endlessly lapped at my feet.

Then, all of a sudden, the world stood serene, sober. The hyperventilated breaths of the wind slowly eased and relaxed. As I gazed out at the blue water I felt the warmth of her aura leading way toward me, and then at last, the touch of her hand on my shoulder. My eyes glazed; her beauty swallowed my breath whole. Stunted for words, all I could do was look on in wonder and awe. Her poetry, written in the expressions of her body moved me in and out of form. Hands clasped together in hers, I watched through tear stained eyes as our love took shape and enveloped over us. Completely, entirely fixed in place as Mother Nature united us inseparable.

On September 27th, one and one became three.

I am so incredibly happy to call you my best friend, my husband!

Goodbye to our old selves, hello to Mr. & Mrs. Greenawalt.

My heart is full and I’m so excited for the many adventures that await us! First stop, one month honeymoon in the land of fire and ice. ❤️

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