Mystic Hot Springs

There are hidden worlds in everything.

We open the doors, opening ourselves.

To the beauty that sits quietly, vibrating loudly.

We sink our weary limbs far beneath the surface.

Of life. Of love. Of time.

We fold gently like ripples, we quiver, we break.

Converging as one, one flow, one love.

Mystic as the waters

Through vents we find Earth’s hidden delights

That show us a world of interpreted health.

Away with apothecary, the molesters of soul,

For we find the source and become once again whole.

It’s simple, a soak. Breathe in and let go.

Return, return, return and repeat.

What else is there than Earth’s crust at our feet?

So believe in the water that flows through us all,

In the clouds, underground in every mystical realm.

The energy and heat, the power and steam,

The minerals soak into my mind and body.

Oh how I cherish Nature’s wondrous retreat

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