Searchin’ For A Rainbow

We all know the saying, “life is short” and it definitely does seem like time passes us by so quickly. Rather than focusing on the brevity of time, we believe in the importance of how we choose to spend our time. Are we doing what makes us happy? Do we feel fulfilled with our life choices?

Throughout our lives we face many obstacles, whether the obstacles are internal, meaning we are holding ourselves back. Or the obstacles are external, meaning something or someone else is holding us back. In those moments of difficulty we must stop and dive deep into self-awareness.

Most internal obstacles stem from fear, the fear of the unknown, the what if’s, the million negative possibilities we come up with in our heads. Fear is a perpetrator that diminishes self-love and self-confidence, it is a tight bond of suffocation that must be broken in order to reach ones happiness. It is not always an easy accomplishment but overcoming the challenge reaps so many rewards. It’s important to tune in with ourselves often, come back to our roots. Asking ourselves “Am I doing what makes me happy? If you find that fear is holding you back from living your best life, it is time to take a leap of faith. Believe in yourself, face your fears.

External obstacles can be family, friends, relationships and the differing beliefs standing in between. You want to live your life a certain way, this life brings you happiness and causes no harm, but someone else thinks they know what’s best for you. Discovering that the people you love do not support your decisions is a tug of war pulling at your heart strings. Love is meant to be selfless, not controlling or demanding. Love is finding happiness for others outside of ourselves. When someone you love is trying to domineer your happiness of lifestyle, it is time to take a stand for yourself. Life is not about pleasing others, it is about supporting one another in harmony despite our many differences.

-We follow paths that bring us closer to ourselves.

The further we continue, the more we lose touch with everyone else.

Yet each wild step sets our spirts on fire.

And the fear we once felt, has turned to desire.

El Arte de nuestra naturaleza se está volviendo.-

(The Art of Our Nature is Becoming)

I am thankful to have grown up with the freedom to choose my own energy, who and how I wanted to be. Growing up, life was minimal, we didn’t have much money and my family situation was very unorthodox. As kids we were pushed to read, to write, to go outside, to be creative. It was a mode of self-discovery that has made me who I am today. I choose a lifestyle of passion, passion for every experience and every lesson I am taught. I choose to live my life how I live it, for myself. The thing that I love most about Gregory is that we love each other selflessly. Although most of our beliefs coalesce, we also have our differences, but we never attempt to domineer one another over them. We listen to each other with eyes and hearts wide open, appreciating what the other has to teach. We challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be, empowering one another through unconditional support. We have had our fair share of internal and external obstacles, we have danced in a ring of fire and together we threw off the challenges with a shrug. We live how we choose despite what others think because this is our happiness.

If life is so short, why not spend your time with the people who love and support you, doing the things that bring you happiness?

For us, our happiness lies in traveling, in each other and in the deep connections we build. Happiness is not something you attain like reaching a goal, it is something you must strive for every single day. Happiness requires struggle, and it is how we answer to negative experiences that brings out the positive. When we make a conscious attempt to elate ourselves, life becomes simpler, everything is seen from a new perspective.

Everyday we ask ourselves, “What do we want to do?”

And our happiness awaits in the answer. 🙂

Over the past six years I have grown so much into myself, constantly learning, adapting and changing into the man I am today. From triumphant highs of elation to plummeting spirals of depression, I have forcibly felt the extremities of the ebb and flow of life. A rigorous struggle for self identity, self worth and self awareness. Trying desperately in spite of uncongenial outlets, that plagued my thirsty soul, to search the world over appeasing my adventurous dreams. A series of misguided attempts at happiness brought me further into despair in my later teens when hindsight rebutted my actions. Told and made to believe that growing up fast would ensure happiness and secure the future. Manipulated into a world of profit and calculated margins.

I have never had a keen sense of remembering conversations, but I do remember a time and a feeling that I should have paid closer attention to. In the midst of building a stunted life, based on a monetary ideology, I was told to slow down by one of the most important figures in my life. Told to sit back and clutch onto my slowly disappearing youth. In that time I was jaded to the idea, felt as if those thoughts were malicious in sentiment for some apparent disregard to reason. If I would have known then, what I do know now, I would have rode my bike longer and further, would have stayed out later with friends, would have found more time to play, hope, dream and roll in the whimsical frenzy of youth. I would have clung to it, steadfast.

But this is not about regrets or what could have been done differently. This is about accepting and making a consistent, conscious effort to remain true to self. Youth has faded amongst my peers. Now on a fast track to unthinkable delirium. Fixed mortgages, school loans and car payments. Stuck in the void. No longer will I feel pressure from or the need to pacify others. Our lives dedicated to living in the present, focusing on our happiness together. Taking each day at a time and living it fully. Our contribution to the world is our love and excitement, our embrace of everything natural and real. It is our duty to ourselves to continue to live exactly the way we see fit, to assert our identity with passion and integrity.

Through grief and love I have learned, what I feel to be the most important lesson, that there is nothing in the world more precious than life itself. Fleeting and vulnerable, which makes it powerful and incredible. I have learned to not have shame or fear in anything that we do, but instead focus entirely on the passion that compels us to continue. Life has become simple and inspiring. A joyful journey.

Life is to be celebrated. Make a lasting promise to live each day as if it were your last; embrace the chaos and make light the ridiculousness of mankind’s mapped out, strategic attempt at satisfaction through stability. Today we celebrate a life that has passed through the tiny window of time and moved on to the infinite spectrum of our memory. A man celebrated for his wisdom and compassion. Celebrated for his unconditional understanding and didactic discipline toward enriching happiness. Instead of sadness, which typically swells around all other emotions on this day, June 30th, we embrace the life that was lived and reflect on the beautiful memories that we keep, continuing to live life to the fullest, which is what he wished most for his children.

“He went, just as he had come, with a spark of ferocity in his eye…When the wave crashed, it fizzled out slowly and hit the coast. He rode his wave for fifty-one years, and finally came to shore on a dismal Wednesday afternoon. He had been searching for his rainbow, and at last, just before the final chapter was played out, his feet drummed to the melody of inevitability.”

The Tunnels Left Within (Part One)

Wherever your soul may be, let it soar high and free, looking down on us as we look up and out for you. I promise to live this life as true to myself as I can and never forget this incredible lesson: to search forevermore for unyielding happiness, to embrace myself, my lover, my world and my health.

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